Here's Some

of My Work.

SparkPath thought leadership ebook.png

SparkPath, an organization founded to help young people create extraordinary careers, needed to develop key messaging for the company and its solutions, web and collateral copy, and an ebook to generate leads.

Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB), New Brunswick's business accelerator, needed to develop key messaging and web copy to intrigue, educate, and inspire entrepreneurs, business owners, and career seekers.

ONB website.png
CAHRC Agri-LMI report.png

Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) needed to transform complex demographic and agricultural employment data into a national report, fact sheets, and infographics that highlighted key findings in ways that people inside and outside the agriculture sector could understand and care about.

Human Resource Systems Group (HRSG), a world leader in competency-based talent management, needed a series of ebooks that communicated the value of competencies and showed HR leaders how to leverage them within their own organizations.

HRSG ebook thought leadership.png

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) needed to distill complex data and information about sustainability, community engagement, operations, amenities, and land use into a public-facing document that communicated an ambitious vision for the future. 

LLR Partners, a growth equity firm, needed to demonstrate their value-added approach to an audience of C-suite executives at growth-focused companies by publishing relevant thought leadership. 

LLR Growth Guide thought leadership.png
Vancity website copy.png

Vancity, Canada's largest community credit union, needed to improve the clarity, quality, and utility of their web copy by applying plain language principles and a consistent voice and style.

Work samples for additional content types and industries available upon request.