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In Business,

Every Word 


Add up all the words your company generates in the course of a single business day and the number will astound you. Words are the primary medium for engaging, educating, convincing, and converting your ideal customers. Make sure that every word moves your business forward by defining your purpose, capturing your personality, and sharing your unique and valuable perspective with the world.


Develop the key messaging that defines your unique value proposition.


Create a brand voice for your business that is distinctive and authentic. 


Build awareness and trust by developing thought leadership content.

Key Messaging
Key Messaging
Defines Your Purpose.

If you struggle to describe who you are and what you do in ways that resonate with your ideal customers, key messaging can help you break through the noise and make the most of every opportunity to connect with your customers.

Key messaging is a blueprint that clarifies what you need to say about your company and its solutions in order to attract and connect with your target market. It encompasses your mission, vision, value proposition, solution positioning, and the proof points that lend credibility and weight to your market position. When your promotional content is driven by key messaging, it communicates clearly, consistently, and impactfully across all sales and marketing touchpoints.

Through research, interviews, and workshops, I help you uncover the unique elements that define your business purpose and market position and turn the information into a deck that lays out the messaging elements for marketing and sales content, including web copy, brochures, battlecards, and more. 


Brand Voice
Brand Voice
Captures Your Personality.

Every business maintains guidelines for their visual brand, but what about the written brand? Without a documented brand voice, marketing and sales content may look good, but sound stilted and unconvincing. 

A brand voice defines your company's unique personality and provides clear guidance to ensure that the people who write for your brand know how to capture it. By developing and using your company's brand voice, you'll ensure that all your marketing and sales materials are unified by a consistent style and a relatable, recognizable voice that reinforces your brand and engages your target market.


Through analysis and workshops, I help you identify the core elements that characterize your brand voice, including personality, expression, and style rules. At the end of the process, you'll have a fully articulated brand voice that anyone can use to write for your organization.

Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership
Shares Your Perspective.

Your business has a wealth of valuable insights to share with the world. The combination of your industry knowledge, proprietary data, subject-matter expertise, and market position adds up to a unique viewpoint that can be turned into featured articles, white papers, reports, and ebooks that generate demand, inspire trust, and establish credibility with the people you most want to reach.

Through research and interviews, I help you identify the themes and topics that you are uniquely positioned to cover.


At the end of the process, you will have a thought leadership plan that clearly articulates your unique industry perspective, the big themes that inform your conversation, and a collection of topic outlines that translate those themes into ideas for top-of-funnel content that communicates powerfully and moves your business forward.

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